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Crude dioptase - Congo - Kinshasa - 200402565



Size mm
Raw rocks

Congo - Kinshasa

98 - April 2020
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Dioptase is a mineral from the group of silicates. The dioptase forms transparent to translucent prismatic crystals of which the largest, found in Angola, exceed 15 centimeters. It is a stone of emerald green to dark green color, see blue. It is a fairly rare stone, which is found in soils comprising zones of oxidation of copper deposits. It is often found associated with chrysocolla, quartz or wulfenite. Dioptase was still considered until the end of the 18th century as an emerald. This mineral is sought after by collectors for its color.

Characteristics :

Density 3.28
Hardness 5.00
Group Cyclosilicates (Silicate)
Formula CuSiO3·H2O
Cleavage {1011} bon
Break Conchoïdale, Irrégulière
Chemical composition :

O Oxygen Other no metal 40.59%
Cu Copper Transition metal 40.31%
Si Silicon Metalloids 17.81%
H Hydrogen Other no metal 1.27%

Dioptase has many mental virtues. It is a powerful support stone for the heart. Dioptase helps relaxation and provides inner calm. This mineral overcomes feelings of lack to reach its true potential. It is a mineral associated with the heart chakra, ideal after an emotional injury.

Actions and crystal healing effects :

• Blood during intoxication (purification)
• Emotional node
• Insensitivity and hardening
• Purification of blood during intoxication
• Sensitivity to find

We draw your attention to the fact that in lithotherapy, the different properties associated with stones come from traditions and beliefs. They are not scientifically proven and can in no way replace medical treatment. For any medical problem, you should consult your doctor.
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